Astre the Witch Doll – Lords Mobile Hero Focus #1

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lords mobile trickster counter

lords mobile trickster counter

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Astre the Witch Doll - Lords Mobile Hero Focus #1

Introducing Lords Mobile’s newest Hero, Astre the Witch Doll! Check out all of the details on one of the most productive Heroes to date!

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Please watch: “We can hide GEAR … with THE SHADOW SIGIL! – Lords Mobile” –~–
Hello everyone! Just wanted to share this quick and easy way to figure out how to calculate the time it takes to train your troops! This is really useful for anyone who wants to project and calculate what it will take for them to produce hundreds of thousands of troops at a time!

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Link to the training calculator:

Troop Training Calculator

Link to the spreadsheet:
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Voodoo Shaman is the new monster of Lords Mobile. It’s a magical monster means strong against magical DMG. So use your physical Heroes to take it down. Best F2P heroes are –
1.Demon Slayer
2.Death Archer
3.Black Crow

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