Ragnarok Online Mobile SEA – One-Hit-Delete Anolian Bash Grinding Guide

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lord knight rune guide ragnarok mobile

lord knight rune guide ragnarok mobile

Lords Mobile Hack

Sharing my build with Food buffs(Turkey feast) in Grinding Anolian.


Atk: 2150 (with Buffs, skill and food)
Weapon with Card: Nagan with 1 Flora card
Other Food Buffs: Def Pen 10%
Converter: Wind
Runes: 60% Bash Runes
Stored card album: Bongun Card
Stats: 99 Str

Anolian is a Medium size Fish type monster with HP: 81000 and Def: 0; so ignore defense is not needed, only defense penetration. Loots are also good, with mystic frozen, armor shard and royal jelly which is in demand in the market. It also has the best base and job level experience for level 80s until 90s.

The Turkey Feast food is still not accessible for cooking but can be subtitute by Magic Bread, Noble Black Tea, Summer star, Prontera Noble Juice or Original Will Juice and use some alloys to compensate with the missing atk damage.
(Thanks DeX Hahaha for noticing)

For alternate food for Turkey Feast, if your attack cannot reach 2150, you may spend for alloys to compensate with the missing attack, but its expensive.

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List of all Cooking Recipe in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

Thanks gamingph.com for the source.
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Lords Mobile Hack